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Reality Hammer - For People Who Can Handle The Truth

The Right Side of LiveJournal

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Reality Hammer

Reality Hammer is an op-ed/commentary blog. Opinions expressed are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of any advertisers, sponsors, hosting companies or other entities that might be seen on the same pages.

The material on this site is copyrighted. You do not have permission to copy it or post it without my express permission. The exception is if you wish to use representative quotes for non-commercial or educational use. That exception includes referencing posts from within LiveJournal. All other uses are expressly forbidden, especially (but not limited to) copying to "friend" sites such as FriendDitto and "search" sites such as LJSeek.

Created in 1993, the President Reagan Information Page exists to educate the world about President Reagan, his policies and his legacy. Reality Hammer offers trenchant commentary on today's issues from the libertarian Republican perspective.




You do not need to ask for permission to add me as a friend. Add away! Please be cordial when posting, especially when you are disagreeing with someone. Anonymous posters and those not on my friends list should understand that people on my friends list are invited guests and deserve polite replies to their messages. If you cannot be nice, post somewhere else!


LiveJournal users:This blog (or journal, if you prefer) is primarily for commentary and news concerning politics, economics, history, social issues and the like. In addition, I tend to read friends list journals a couple of days behind, so I may not comment often, but I do read all the journals on my friends list.

If you have any questions, feel free to IM me or send me an email.

You do not need to agree with me to add me as a friend. However, all trolls will be publicly mocked. If you participate in LJ Drama, please get a life before you try to friend me. Abuse of friends in this journal is strictly forbidden and will get you banned.

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